How to motivate our workforce

You go to your desk and you carry out your task, you are constantly rushed with persons trying to get this done, to get that done. You take your lunch break and yet still you still get rushed during that time. You feel like you are a robot and not a human being. You work with persons that you may say are not pulling their fair share. You feel underappreciated, undervalued, disengaged and demotivated.

If you can relate to the secnario above then you are not alone, as alot of persons within the working world whatever country they are currently working in, do feel this way. This situation has caused persons to become extremely stressed, tired and have become disengaged within the workplace. Each and every morning they have to draw from the Bank of Emotions to deal with frustration of not having the right equipment to carry out their tasks, deadlines, deals that are being brokered and all doing it graciously. However, you may have a set of employees who are drawing from this bank as well to deal with family issues, financial issues and workplace issues along with brokering deals and meeting deadlines and still do it with grace and style.

So how do we motivate our employees to get them from point of disengagement to the point of actively engagement within the workplace. How do we get them to put out their all in getting tasks completed and done on time. How do we get them fired up, re-ignite their passion for coming to work. The answers can be found within your employees.

1. CEOs, bosses, directors, supervisors, need to LISTEN to their employees and also to engage in active listening. . Remember problems and issues come in different forms and we all cope with it differently, some may just internalizing it, others by talking about it. Whatever the case maybe, if your employee sees you as a person of trust and thus come to you with an issue, you can grant them a five or ten minutes out of your day to help them find a solution to the issue that they may have. Whether the issues are work related or personal, by giving them this time to air their problems you have equipped that person with some knowledge on how to tackle it by giving an empathetic ear and also, through this you have renewed their resolve in getting the work done at a faster pace.

2. Promote health and wellness within the workplace. Persons come to work having emotional issues, health issues and other type of issues that they may need help with. By promoting health and wellness within the workplace, you are giving the employees the tools that they need to make themselves whole and have a renewed spirit that can be transfered to others in how they can carry out their tasks. Employers need invest in health and wellness within their workplace not only to facilate a gym with an instructor but also a dietician who can provide guidelines on the type of foods that persons who are suffering from Life Threatening Illnesses (LTIs) or persons who just want to change their normal diets on the types of food that they can eat and a counsellor who will be able to take care of the mind and soul part of the process. Through this, employees are renewed, revitalized and are able to cope better with the workplace

3. Along with promoting health and wellness, provide an area where employees can let down their hair so to speak and relax and laugh. Be it a company picnic, a weekend trip to a hotel or a games day that can take place every two months. This helps with the socialization process of persons who work in different departments and also to faciltate dialogue between coworkers who can help in the process of motivating their fellow employees.

4. Acknowledge employees for their hardwork. Saying thank you goes a long way, especially of those who work long hours and give selflessly. A trophy or plaque to give to them for exceeding their targets, their pictures in the lobby of the company, they can be used to motivate other employees and also encourage others to do their best.

So from these four actions, employers can motivate their employees in other ways as well. Keep in mind the employee is the best resource of any organization and through them, the organization can be seen as the top ranked employer of choice.


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