Getting to the finish line

When I started this journey, I knew I would face obstacle. I faced oppositions, I faced everything. I realized it was helping me to build me to be a better person, a better human being and a better colleague. I have realized, going through this, have fortified my dreams to be who I want to be. I have categorized each triumph, each time something does not work out, and going back to the drawing board. Now, the time is upon me.

I have learnt alot about myself during this journey. I have learnt that I cry when I am frustrated, when I am fearful of the unknown. I have also learnt how to pray and to ask specifically for what I want in my prayers. I have learnt about pride, and how it is bad for me, basically, how it is bad for any business, and I have learnt that you are your greatest asset. I have heard the word NO on so many occasions and I had to shake myself off, and move on again.

Through out this process, I have seen the finish line move further in my grasp, and sometimes it seems so far away from me. I have seen my determination to see this through, getting and crossing the finish line grow in leaps and bounds. I have seen where things and persons would want me to stop in the middle of it, and give up, but I had to tell myself no, you are not going to give up. I had to find what it took to not give up. I had to be my biggest motivator, my biggest cheerleader and when persons were doubtful around me, I had to be MY STRONGEST VOICE. I use caps because the negative outweighs the positive and when the negative is coming from a source that is family and friends, I had to drown them out.

Music played a huge part of my life here. It helped me calm down, and though yes I want to give up, I had to find that little oomph of strength to move on, to push forward. Writing played a great deal as well. It is through this, I was able to give a voice to my situation. Many won’t because they are too proud to share, or they don’t want the world to know what they are going through, but I had to get my voice out there. I did not know who I would be motivating, or who will be benefiting from my posts, but I wanted someone to know that they are not going through it alone.

Getting to the finish line is not an easy feat. We see athletes struggle to make it past the ribbons or cross the white lines. We have lost momentum, speed, we have slowed down and sometimes we have stopped in the middle and sit down. We have fallen down, we have given up, we have taken other paths that lead us to something else, maybe better or maybe not. We have been battered and bruised and we have struggled to reach it. But the point is we will get there if it takes the last breath out of us.


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